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Our 5 point approach to patient care


Comfortable Office SettingWe believe in the “Golden Rule” in dentistry.  We treat patients how we would like to be treated.  Dr. Neely, a dentist in Edmond OK and a fearful dental patient herself, and her team utilize various techniques to alleviate anxiety.

  • smell: making the office smell “non dental”
  • sound:  headphones to watch tv on ceiling, music on headphones, relaxing water fountain noises, and of course, the sound of Dr. Neely’s jokes.
  • sight:  we keep all scary items out of view
  • feel:  warm blankets and hot aromatherapy towels post treatment
  • taste:  post rinse with mouth wash to get rid of chemical taste.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is always available for visits, but some patients require an oral sedative in addition to the nitrous (with driver).

We always allow plenty of time in each appointment to allow the patients to close and rest during the procedure.


Dental Health EducationWe believe that it is our responsibility to educate patients on their dental health.  We use extraoral and intraoral photography to allow patients to see what we see. After every new patient exam, Dr. Neely and the patient go to a private consultation room to look at the photos together to discuss the current conditon of the mouth. We want to educate you in both the prevention of dental disease and also the alternatives available to restore your teeth and your smile.


We understand that all our patients are individuals, each of whom has his or her own personal needs and concerns.  We get to know each individual to understand their goals and desires.  Some patients just want to chew comfortably, while some patients want an attractive smile. Timing can be an issue for some patients.  We understand that having kids in college and braces may keep you from having more than preventive dentistry completed.


We use the best materials and dental labs.  Infection control is also very important to us.  We maintain strict steriliztion standards recommended by OSHA.


Dr Monica Neely HonestyWe are an honest office and will only recommend treatment for our patients that we would have for ourselves.