Comfort Menu

We try to make the environment “non-dental” feeling because so many patients have had a bad experience in a dental office before.

When you arrive

You will be offered a warm or cold beverage once you arrive. We agree that it is annoying to fill out long papers each visit and have a long wait. We print off what information we already have about you so you can just make changes rather than fill out the same information over and over. Keeping on schedule is one of our strict rules because we know your time is valuable. If for some reason we do fall behind, we call you to give you options (that rarely happens though).

When you are in Dr. Neely’s room

  • The view: You can relax and look at the view of Lake Hefner from your chair. If you don’t enjoy scenery, we have television mounted in front of the chair and above the chair when you are reclined. We offer headphones if you would prefer to not listen to the noises. However, most patients enjoy listening to Dr. Neely and Carla instead.
  • Your lips: We apply a special lip balm to your lips because nobody likes cracked lips.
  • Sunglasses: To protect your vision, we provide cool sunglasses.
  • Free Wifi: for those that cannot miss an email
  • Pillows & Blanket: neck pillows and knee support pillows are used to get comfortable in the chair. Large, fuzzy blankets are provided to keep you warm.
  • Fountains: We have relaxing fountains placed throughout the office for calming sound and sight.
  • iPods: We offer an iPod with headphones to listen to your favorite Pandora station.
  • Hot aromatherapy towels: We give each patient a warm, moist and scented towel to wipe off mouth after every procedure and cleaning.
  • Milkshake: Any patient that has been numbed gets a coupon to go to Braums for a milkshake on us.
  • After your cleaning, you are given a gift sack with toothbrush, tongue scraper, floss & recommended toothpaste.