Financial Options & Information

Payment plans to suit your needs and budget

At Monica Neely Dentistry, we know that offering you options to pay for your dental care means getting access to the care and treatment you need to maintain good oral health. We want to help you understand your options and ensure you have all the information to make a decision about how to pay for your dental treatments. Below you will find an overview of the dental insurance and payment options available at our dentist in Edmond.

Dental Insurance Facts

We accept most insurances, but we are not contracted as a provider on any insurance plans. This means that if you have insurance, we will file it for you, but whatever the insurance company does not pay is your responsibility. We have found that with many insurance companies that this difference is not much.  Our patients are willing to pay this amount for the individualized care we give.

If you are considering our office but worried about insurance, please call Kari for help.  She can help you determine if there really is much of a difference to go out of network.  Many patients have been surprised to find the difference is worth getting personalized and quality care.

We work with every patient to find the best option for them. In some cases, it is not always their insurance plan that offers the best solution for paying for dental treatment, especially when patients are interested in treatment outside their covered network.

If you have spousal insurance or are required to use one insurance plan before another, we can coordinate the payment process with your insurance provider.

Why don’t we participate in insurance plans?

  • We do not participate in any plans because they require us to discount our dental treatments and encourage us to make up the difference in volume.
  • Dentistry is a service, not a product.
  • The manner in which the service is provided and the attention to details makes all the difference to us.
  • The last thing we want to be seen as is a high-volume clinic that is churning patients in and out, not allowing us develop relationships, and provide the best care possible.
  • We enjoy seeing one patient at a time and making sure our work is done correctly!

Whether you have just changed insurance providers, or you have recently lost your insurance coverage, don’t let your dental care fall to the bottom of your to-do list. We can work with you to ensure that you get access to the quality dental care you need.

Additional Payment Options

In addition to insurance, we also accept cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) as a form of payment for your dental treatments. We can also discuss a payment plan option through CareCredit with you if need. As a dentist in Edmond with payment plans, we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs.

Learn More About Insurance and Payment at Monica Neely Dentistry

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