First Dental Visit & Dental Exam

What to expect on your first visit

Dr Monica Neely DDSOur comprehensive exam is a two part exam. The first visit is 1.5 hours. We start getting to know each other and collecting information needed to understand your current state of health. At the end of the appointment, you will look with Dr. Neely at the photographs and xrays for a review of findings. On the second visit, you will meet with Eryn, the hygienist, for periodontal exam and cleaning.

If breaking up the appointment into two visits doesn’t fit into your schedule, we can accommodate you by doing both in one appointment. Generally we can get you in quicker when they are separated.

You can download the patient forms before your appointment here.

Getting to know each other

Dr Monica Neely DDSDr. Neely begins by visiting with the patient to discover together the current state of your dental health. We need to get to know you, and discover what your goals and desires are for your mouth.

Dr. Neely will ask about

  • past dental history
  • current state of mouth
  • future goals for your mouth
  • how fast or slow you want to go to accomplish these goals

Tour of your mouth

After getting to know each other, we start each exam with a series of digital photographs of your smile and mouth. Next, we have a small intraoral camera to take more photos.

Necessary Radiographs

After accessing your risk factors for decay or dental disease, we decide what radiographs are needed. The radiographs are needed to allow us to see areas of the tooth not visible. (between teeth, bone, gums) We utilize digital radiography which allows less radiation and also allows us to enlarge the picture up in size to show you our findings.


Our exam covers 4 areas

  • Esthetics- how your teeth look
  • Function- how your muscles and jaw joints work
  • Structure- the existing condition of your restorations and teeth
  • Biology- the health of your gums, pulp, head and neck exam.

Review of Findings

Dr Monica Neely DDSIf time allows, we will then go to the private consult room to discuss findings from the exam. If your current dental health is complex, Dr. Neely may need some time to go over all the information and planning. We set aside time with Dr. Neely when you return for your second appointment (cleaning) to go over the photos and exam findings. Together, we will come up with a plan that works for you.