Feb. 20th is Toothpick Day

40% of your tooth surface is in between you teeth.  We recommend to our patients to use the Perio-Aid.

The Perio-Aid ® holds a toothpick at the proper angle and length which allows these interproximal (inner gum line) spaces to be reached. It  enables the use of a toothpick to remove plaque from along the entire gum line, between the teeth and helps to reduce gingival pockets, therefore preventing or even reversing gum disease.  We have seen great improvements when patients use this (especially with Sonicare also)

Melody the hygienist will demonstrate how to use it at your visit.


1. Insert any round toothpick to the desired length into the hole at the end of the Perio-Aid ®.

2. Tighten locking device at the end of the Peio-Aid ® to secure toothpick.

3. Break off excess toothpick by BREAKING BACK TOWARDS HANDLE.

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