To floss or not to floss…

I have been contemplating starting a dental blog for some time now, but I have had a bad case of “blog fright”.  It is a lot of pressure to post information that patients will find interesting.  Finally I have found that topic.  Flossing!!!!! (HA HA….before you click on the X to get out of this blog, stay with me to explain my excitement over flossing)   Those who know me are aware of my affinity towards gadgets.  I have started using a flossing gadget that I love.

Sonicare will be releasing to the public soon (we get a sneak peak) the Airflosser.  It sort of looks like a toothbrush with a monster size handle.  You can pour water, mouthwash, or antibacterial rinse into the handle.  Once you stick it between your teeth and push the button, “BAM”, it blasts between your teeth making the plaque fly far, far away. (they call it “microburst” which sounds much cooler) It also has a cool nail gun sound with each press.  If you have it too close to your teeth, it will ricochet back to your mirror a nice mixture of mouthwash and plaque.  You will learn to close your lips eventually.

Ponder these facts.

  • the space between your teeth conceals 40% of the surface of the tooth, but it accounts for 80% of the problems.
  • Average amount of floss purchased a year per person: 18 yards
  • Amount that should be purchased each year: 122 yards
  • 28% of people say that they floss regularly
  • 73% Americans say they would rather go shopping than floss their teeth

Basically, when you have bleeding gums, you have an open sore down between the teeth.  My opinion from the above facts is to find something that patients will actually use.  If you were born with the non-flossing gene, give the Sonicare AirFlosser a try.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

This is a nice animation of the plaque flying through the air.  This sold me on it.

p.s. If you were wondering, I do fall in the 73% that would rather shop.  Shhh, please don’t tell my hygienist.

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