Tooth Bonding in Edmond OK

Tooth Bonding in Edmond, OKIf you have a decaying, cracked, or chipped teeth, dental bonding could be the solution you need to love your smile again. In just a single visit to our cosmetic and family dentist in West Edmond OK, Dr. Monica Neely, we can repair your teeth and prevent further damage from occurring.  You’ll walk away feeling great about the way your teeth and smile look.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure. It is a tooth-colored filling that is made from composite resin. It is bonded directly onto the tooth or teeth that are in need of repair. Some patients have bonding applied to their teeth to prevent further damage from occurring, while others have bonding applied to repair damage that has already occurred. It is a versatile tool that dentists use to improve the overall look and function of your teeth.

What are common uses of tooth bonding?

At the office of Dr. Monica Neely in Edmond OK we use dental bonding in a variety of ways. Many patients are able to recapture the look of healthier teeth with dental bonding and prevent damage from getting worse over time. Some of the most common uses of bonding include:

  • Repairing decayed teeth
  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Changing the shape of a tooth
  • Making a tooth look longer
  • Covering (mask) discolored teeth
  • And closing spaces between teeth

Bonding can also be used as an alternative to porcelain veneers. If the teeth are not strong enough to support veneers, bonding may be a good option to repair teeth and provide a brighter, whiter, and healthier looking smile. What’s more, bonding is an affordable alternative to veneers when multiple teeth need to be repaired or improved.

What are the benefits of bonding?

Bonding is a solid solution for cracked or damaged teeth. In many cases, bonding can be applied in a single dental office visit and requires little to no reduction in the shape or size of a tooth to apply. It is non-invasive and no more uncomfortable than having your teeth cleaned. It is a quick and efficient process to improve the look of your teeth.

Because touch-ups can be applied as needed, patients can get longevity out of their treatments.

Bonding is often used on the front teeth because they are the most visible. Bonding is also known as a composite veneer treatment. In addition to quick turnaround times, many patients don’t even require freezing to undergo the procedure; although, we do respect if a patient has discomfort or worries about procedures and we are happy to offer a process that will reduce anxiety about visiting the dentist.

What is the bonding procedure?

We’ll start by preparing the tooth or teeth to receive the bonding. This may not be necessary depending on the condition of your teeth. In many cases, reshaping is not necessary, but if it is, we’ll reshape your tooth or teeth, so the bonding has a good surface to adhere to.

We’ll apply the bonding application and use a special light to cure the composite material directly to the surface of your teeth. Once the bonding is set, you can go about your regular day waiting only a few hours to eat or drink. Bonding will last a few years with proper care and because it can be touched up as needed, you can make the most of your newly-improved teeth.

Regular check-ups and cleanings are required to ensure the bonding stays in place and to prevent any further damage from occurring to the respective teeth or surrounding teeth.

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