Professional Teeth Whitening Edmond OK

Whitening your teeth can be one of the most effective and quick ways to improve your smile. We offer two types of whitening to suit your needs. Time, compliance and sensitivity are factors to consider when deciding which treatment is right for you.

What Causes Teeth to Lose Their Whiteness

  • Dark colored beverages, such as coffee, tea, red wine, soda, soft drinks
  • Tobacco
  • Some antibiotics (such as tetracycline) can cause discoloration of your teeth
  • Aging and genetics

What Are Your Teeth Whitening Options?


If you think that time and compliance (wearing your trays) may be a problem for you, we offer the Zoom!®️ Chairside Whitening System. This is completed in-office during one appointment.

Teeth Whitening in Edmond OK


If you have a problem with sensitivity, your second option is our customized take-home kits. We will make you custom-made mouth trays in which you will apply the teeth-whitening gel. Most patients see incredible results within a one to two week period.

If you are ready to make your teeth dazzling white, call Dentist Edmond OK – Dr. Neely for an appointment. We serve patients from Edmond OK and surrounding areas.