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Intraoral Camera

Monica Neely DDSPhotography is a huge part of our practice.  Dr Neely feels that it helps communicate better with the patients, and it also allows us to compare teeth over time. Our practice uses the SoproLife imaging fluorescence device, an extremely useful tool in detecting dental cavities early and effectively.

The intraoral camera is a tiny camera that Dr. Neely moves around the inside of the mouth, taking images which are displayed on a computer screen. We call this “taking a tour of your mouth”. Dr. Neely can freeze the images to point out an area of concern to the patient, and record information for future analysis. Based on her findings during the examination, Dr. Neely can judge the condition of the teeth and gums, identify potential problem areas, and make recommendations for treatment.

Benefits of Intraoral Camera

  • enables us to see pictures of your teeth and mouth with 50 times magnification which allows more thorough diagnosis
  • we can determine if a dark area on your tooth is just stain or has developed into a cavity
  • allows us to detect cavities early which means less tooth drilled out and the tooth remains stronger

Monica Neely DDS Intraoral Camera

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