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Itero Digital Scanner

You don’t like having impressions taken?

We understand that one of the least pleasant experiences in the dental office is having impressions of your teeth.  We use a different system to digitally scan your teeth. The Cadent iTero™ system is a digital scanner that greatly enhances the accuracy of dental impressions.  It allows us to do away with the bulky trays and thick runny impression material. The new iTero™ scanning technique is beneficial to both the dentist and patient, by producing fast, virtually perfect results.

Dr. Neely uses the iTero™ system to optically scan the teeth and bite when patients need to be fitted for a crown or bridge. The images are then transferred to the Cadent lab, and used to craft a model of the restoration. Because the images are so accurate, the need for multiple office visits to obtain adequate impressions is completely eliminated. Patients are pleased with the ease of the process and how well their restorations fit.

We also use this process when doing Invisalign treatment.