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Sensitive cleanings NO MORE

air polisher to remove stain from teeth

We are excited about new system we have been using to polish our patient’s teeth.  Traditionally we have used the paste/rubber cup system that has been used since the cave men were here.  The negative with the rubber cup is it does not always get into the “nook and crannies” that stain seems to find on your teeth.  We have dabbled with the prophy jet system in the past, but patients hated the “harshness” and bad taste of the salty mixture.  Most often patients were too sensitive for this.

We have noticed so many patients have sensitive teeth (which will be it’s own post later), and getting their teeth cleaned can be painful for them.  Let me introduce our new air polishing system called SylcTM.  It is a therapeutic prophy powder that physically “occludes” or blocks the dentin tubules (that allow painful transmission to the nerve) to provide immediate relief from tooth sensitivity.

Sylc is composed of a material that is naturally found in teeth and bones.  When this material reacts with water or saliva, it actually rebuilds damaged tooth enamel.

The bottom line is:

  • It polishes away any stain on your teeth from coffee, tea, red wine, etc.  (even in the crevices)
  • Immediate pain relief.  On patients that are super sensitive, Melody, the hygienist, will air polish first before using instruments.  These patients have reported not having the usual sensitivity during tartar removal.
  • No awful taste.  It is not like eating chocolate, but it is not gross.
  • It actually rebuilds tooth structure.

Sounds too good to be true?  We have been using it for the last 6 months, and our patients are loving it!

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